Frequently Asked Questions

Cable wakeboarding is similar to wakeboarding behind a boat, but instead of using a boat, riders move along a cable system suspended in the air by a series of towers around the lake.
UNIT Parktech Double Elbow Rail, Grom Rainbow, (2) Kicker Medium, Kicker Large, Kicker XL, Up Box, Transition Curb, Double Transition Rail, 3 Stair Pool, Down Rail Long, Flat Down Ledge
The Quarry’s cable system travels in a counterclockwise direction.
We understand that parking is limited. However, The Quarry Cable Park & Grille features its own, brand-new parking lot with 81 spaces. Overflow parking is available Exceed Floor & Home at 5186 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake.
Practically, noiseless electric motors will power the cable system from off-shore.
By eliminating the need for a boat, there is no possibility of the pristine waters of our lake becoming polluted. In addition, the water trail of the riders will provide constant regeneration of oxygen to the lake preserving the ecological life.
Shore erosion will not be an issue. Cables are run without boats &, therefore, without large waves that could compromise the shoreline.
Though we work in conjunction with Three Oaks Recreation Area (City-owned), The Quarry Cable Park & Grille is privately funded & operated.
The Quarry will not take away from the views, only give you more vantage points from which to enjoy it! Our lakefront patio provides guests with beautiful views overlooking the water. Additionally, live music played at The Quarry remains under an accommodating decibel, so as to not disturb visitors of Three Oaks Recreation Area.
Safety is forefront in our minds. We have a strict no drinking & riding policy at The Quarry. All wakeboarders are required to turn in their wristband before ordering alcoholic beverages, their hand is then stamped with waterproof ink & they are unable to return to the cables. If guests have been consuming alcoholic beverages, they will not be able to purchase, or re-purchase, a wristband for the cable system, as their name will be flagged in our POS System.
The Quarry offers several family-friendly amenities balancing active recreation & relaxing fun, including sand volleyball, baggo, open-air yoga, occasional live music, a lakefront patio & fire pit, sandy beach & a pro-shop.
Our goal is to keep guests riding for as long as possible (as long as the weather cooperates). Currently, we plan to be open into early fall. Guests can also rent our facility for offseason events.
The standard, non-resident fee to park at Three Oaks Recreation Area is $5. A discount is offered to vehicles with a valid City of Crystal Lake sticker. The City of Crystal Lake does offer a season parking pass for $50.
One lap around the lake takes approximately 1-2 minutes. Each ride will last as long as riders can hold or until they are too tired. Passes will be available in 2-hour, 4-hour, and All Day increments. During peak hours, a lap limit may be applied.
Our cable system does not feature lights for night riding. All riding will take place during normal operating hours & the cable system will shut down at dusk.
The Quarry does not feature a swimming beach, however Three Oaks Recreation Area offers a variety of water activities, including a swimming beach, splash pad for children, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, fishing & more. As safety is paramount to us, while the cables are operating, the North Lake will be staffed with Quarry Crew.
If you fall while riding the Full Size Cable System, there is a floating dock that extends out halfway around the lake. If you fall within the floating dock, swim to the dock and walk in. If you fall at the opposite end of the lake, a JetSki will pick you up and bring you to the dock.